Greenfield Precision Plastics

We Care About Your Company As Much As You Do

We Listen To You

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Who Are We?

Greenfield Precision Plastics (GPP) is a leading plastic injection molder with over 40 years in the industry serving automotive, consumer and medical-grade products. GPP operates “always focused” on building a strategic partnership with you. We care about your company.

Strategic Partners—are more than a customer

So, what does it mean?

Here is what it means to Partner with GPP.

It means achieving design feasibility and manufacturing feasibility. It means syncing with our Partner’s “total product strategy” working to supply quality products to your specification using GPP’s QMS.

It means coming together with you from concept to market on time while meeting essential cost objectives.

It means GPP is positioned to “invest in a partnership with you” to create a stable and mutually beneficial working relationship.

As a strategic Partner, GPP will support you with just in time manufacturing, along with custom operations designed for your specific needs. GPP has the capital resources to accomplish these goals.

Our manufacturing expertise and dedicated commitment to building a strategic partnership all point to the fact GPP is equipped to ensure success working with you.