Here's How We Do It

How We Operate

Competing in the global economy you are always looking for supplier cost-downs. Adding value, quality and providing cost reductions is always our goal.

As your Partner, GPP "audits and scores" our valuable suppliers. GPPs' QMS/EMS assures quality parts on time every time throughout the supply chain.


Automated For Constant Quality

GPP makes use of robotics and automation in our plastic injection molding facility. This helps reduce cost, maintain repeatability, and effectively shorten lead times in the supply chain.

Ownership Is Involved

Working To Serve You

Ownership is working on site every day. Ownership developed and deployed our QMS/EMS. This intimate knowledge of our operations and quality system provides a consistent output of quality products from the top down. GPP provides our partners with products that keep production lines moving free of distractions and free of slowdowns due to supplier errors.


Solvent Partners

We are also debt free. You won’t have to worry about debt ratio’s we will be here for years to come.