Vision Systems - It Makes Total Sense

Benefits Of Vision Inspection Systems

GPP production makes use (at press) of vision inspection systems. This provides but is not limited to, production improvements, increased uptime, and reduction in expenses. Vision systems allow GPP to conduct a 100% inspection of parts for quality control purposes. This is one of the components that ensures all products meet the specifications demanded by "Our Partner".

Live Inventory - When You Need To Know

On Demand Inventory System (ODIS)

The Senitron SA-2000 is the ultimate RFID Reader enabling, reads up to 800 tags per second with 100% accuracy in even the most high-density areas. SA-2000 units are deployed throughout facilities for full coverage of all RFID labeled assets.

Total Quality System - Anything Less Costs Money

ISO 9001:2015E 14001:2015

GPP Management is committed to the principles of "Continuous Improvement". These principles enable Greenfield Precision Plastics to consistently provide products and services that meet customer, governmental, statutory, and regulatory requirements.