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What If?

Production Portal

Idea Box

GPP welcomes ideas from everyone in the manufacturing process. They are the very eyes and ears on the production floor. Here is the place they can express those valuable ideas and observations.


Cost downs, quality, and on-time delivery shows positive progress and depends on "Continuous Improvement". Corporate-wide is how we do it. Everyone is trained in Plan Do Check Act.

Externally Provided Processes, Products and Services

By following the GPP QMS/EMS, GPP evaluates subcontractors/suppliers and purchases only from those that can satisfy quality requirements based on defined criteria.

Root Cause Analysis

The 5 Whys technique is effective. Answers come from the people with hands-on experience when addressing a process or problem. Diving deep into the root cause flushes out problems and creates effective countermeasures. The result? GPP is constantly creating continuous improvements to our systems.

Tracking Quality Issues

GPP tracks and makes Production Floor Workers aware of any quality issues and displays those issues for all to see. Doing so places each person on high alert to these issues should they materialize.

Safety Statistics

Days Without Incident


Training & Development

Training and Development of our staff from the top down to our production floor is paramount. A well-trained individual is a valuable asset.